In May, electronic duo KEEF URBAN dropped their first single, "Favorite Dream". What could be considered an homage to the warehouse raves of the 1990s, where the kick landed on each beat of every measure; where synths and harmonious voices filled the space between each thump, Favorite Dream finds itself in a unique category with contemporary elements deliberately punching through the mix during the three-and-a-half minutes of the song.

We teamed up with Team Insomniac Films in March 2023 and brought the song to life. Enjoy.


Directed by Chris Krider and Chris Briggs  
Edited by Chris Krider  
Video produced by Samuel Prichard Torres 


Kassi Abreu  
Scott Crain  
Michael Ortiz  
Michael Floyd

Single Release Party at Glitch Bar, FT. Lauderdale 

On a swampy July evening in the heart of Fort Lauderdale's Flagler Village District, DJ Gio of Bar Fly Buzz hosted electronic duo KEEF URBAN's single release party at Glitch Bar. "Come Dance With Me" is now streaming on all major platforms.