USG Records - Fall 2023

"Baby's On Drugs": Monaco Slim drops their first single of 2023

In July, Monaco Slim released the first single from their EP Floranada. In an interview with Punk Head Magazine, the band discusses their humble beginnings, what inspired the song "Baby's On Drugs", and much more. Click here to read the full article.

Photo by Matt Faciana (@ExplodingLens)

Fraud Debussy releases “Have It All”

“Have It All” will be available on all streaming platforms on December 21, 2023. You can listen to Fraud Debussy's entire catalog on our YouTube channel.


KEEF URBAN's music video for their song “Favorite Dream” was selected for Filmgate Miami's Music Video Film Festival. The video screened at Silverspot Cinema in Downtown Miami on September 27.

Our Studio


      Run by its founder and lead sound engineer Joseph Truscello, Electric Audio Ranch stands out amongst most traditional "home" studios (although you might find yourself feeling right at home when you're there). Tucked away between the tall trees and the farmland in Davie, Florida., E.A.R. is outfitted with top notch gear: an isolated vocal booth, a control room stacked with an analog audio effects rack and a 32-channel console, and a cozy jam room containing your typical gear for recording live bands (guitars, amps, a full drum kit and a PA system). 

      The studio was founded in 2022 by Joe, who has had a passion for music since he picked up his first guitar at the age of fourteen. He is a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who is experienced in recording with ProTools and is steadily building up a formidable portfolio. Joe is a pleasure to work with, and we are proud to call him a friend and a partner of Unfiltered Southern Grit. 

     For more information about recording at Electric Audio Ranch, please contact

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