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[ Blues / RockN'Roll ]

Illustrate Magazine - "Baby's on Drugs" Review

"Monaco Slim’s ‘Baby’s On Drugs’ explodes into the musical scene with a captivating blend of electronic crashing guitars, pattering drums, and a rhythmic saxophone that hooks listeners from the very first beat. This energetic and upbeat track is a vivid storytelling of a relationship tainted by the haunting grip of substance abuse.

The song thrives on its infectious groove, where each instrument collaborates seamlessly to create a danceable sound. Monaco Slim, led by Scott Crain’s vocals and guitar, Michael Floyd on saxophone, Michael Ortiz on bass guitar, and Anthony Hall on drums, deliver a performance that is as raw as it is dynamic.

At the core of ‘Baby’s On Drugs’ lies a poignant narrative of a deteriorating relationship caught in the throes of drug abuse. The stark reality is painted vividly – ‘when she picked up her pipe, she put down my love.’ Scott Crain’s blurred vocals are laced with sardonic intensity, describing a love that’s unraveling with a feverish concoction of vocals mocking his pain in a circus of instrumentals.

‘Baby’s On Drugs’ doesn’t rely on its lyrical content; the music becomes an integral part of the storytelling. The hypnotic groove, coupled with the 6/8 time signature, creates a rhythmic texture that pulls listeners into the heart of the song. The crashing guitars, hypnotic saxophone and driving drums establish a sense of urgency, mirroring the turmoil of the relationship’s breakdown.

Monaco Slim’s 'Baby’s On Drugs' is a jumpy and vibrant song that engages us with its electrifying arrangement and soul-baring lyrics."

-Naomi Joan

About the band

Monaco Slim is a four-piece band based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While their signature sound contains elements derived from the blues, such as growling sax riffs and double-time breakdowns, this quartet is notorious for creating psychedelic atmospheres with sonic textures.

The band formed in the fall of 2019 when frontman Scott Crain, who was working as a door guy at a night club in Fort Lauderdale, was introduced through a mutual friend to bar regulars Anthony Hall (drums) and Michael Floyd (sax/harmonica). After jamming out together and realizing their musical chemistry, the three began writing and rehearsing songs at a local studio. Michael Ortiz (bass), who'd played in previous bands with Crain, joined the group the following year to form Monaco Slim.

In August of 2022, Monaco Slim opened up for the blues band Juke at The Anderson in Miami, Florida. They have performed alongside Lone Wolf OMB (Bruno Esposito), a veteran of the Miami music scene who has a permanent residency at Tobacco Road. Additionally, the lead singer Scott Crain was featured on Episode 12 of the Scenior Citizen Podcast to promote the single "Baby's On Drugs", which was published on May 6, 2023.